Paella is a spanish dish traditionally made with rice saffron a variety of meat and shellfish garlic onions peas tomatoes and other vegetables. If mussels arent your favorite you can easily substitute littleneck clams in their place just be sure to thoroughly scrub the clams shells in cold water before using.

Traditional Spanish Paella Recipe Myrecipes

In a heavy 12 inch saute pan heat 1 tablespoon oil over medium high heat.

Paella. My main complaints are i because of cooking in separate dishes the rice and protein flavors dont blend ii the dish is a bit drier than paella should be and iii there isnt enough vegetables needs more red bell pepper and peas and the like. Many non spaniards view paella as spains national dish but most spaniards consider it to be a regional valencian dish. Located in santa rosa petlauma.

Nourishing vibrant and served without pretension paella has held a place of honor and practicality in spanish homes for centuries. Cook shrimp until just pink on both. Chicken sausage and shrimp star in this one pan dinner.

Use a wide shallow saute pan with a lid. Exploring a spanish art. For a taste of seaside spain serve tyler florences the ultimate paella recipe an authentic rice dish studded with chicken chorizo clams shrimp and lobster.

Paella del reyes cooks over an open fire using only the finest ingredients. The best paella catering in the bay area and sonoma county. Is a valencian rice dish that has ancient roots but its modern form originated in the mid 19th century in the area around the albufera lagoon on the east coast of spain adjacent to the city of valencia.

You dont need a special paella pan to make this easy take on the classic spanish dish. Spains famed rice dish is an ever evolving creation. Its named for the wide shallow pan its cooked in but i cook mine on the stovetop with delicious results.

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